Kearney Indoor Sports Complex

Kearney Indoor Sports Complex

A slam-dunk opportunity!

YES! Vote Passes

We’re happy to report that the vote has passed. View the election results here.


Vote YES for a place to play from Nov. 23rd to Dec. 14th

Playing Time For Everyone: Kearney has a slam-dunk opportunity to build a large indoor sports complex featuring basketball and volleyball courts; field turf for football, soccer, baseball and softball; pickleball courts; a walking-running track and more. This facility will focus on the entire Kearney sports and fitness community, while attracting outside visitors from across the state and beyond. VOTE YES FOR A PLACE TO PLAY FROM NOV. 23rd to DEC. 14th!

Why does Kearney need this facility? Kearney is out of gym space! There are over 3,000 youth and adults participating in various sports leagues and teams. Our community facilities cannot accommodate the requests for practice times and general usage. The Kearney Indoor Sports Complex will provide more time and space for all. And it will attract larger regional tournaments, bringing outside business to Kearney.

An easy-money decision: The estimated cost to build the proposed Kearney Indoor Sports Complex is between 29 and 34 million dollars. Thanks to a tax turnback opportunity, up to 17-million dollars is already approved to support this project – that’s nearly 50-percent of the overall estimated cost. Yes, up to 17-million dollars will be provided courtesy of the state’s tax turnback! Other funding will come from the extension of the current 1% Restaurant Occupation Tax as well as private donations. It’s an easy-money decision. VOTE YES FOR A PLACE TO PLAY FROM NOV. 23rd to DEC. 14th!

Facility Details

See the current plans and renderings

Designed for the entire Kearney sports and fitness community

The facility would include space for up to 8 basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts, 4 pickleball courts and indoor batting cages. It would also include field turf large enough for a full-length soccer field that can be used for football, baseball, softball, and more. A three-lane, 320-meter walking/running track will be elevated over the courts and space will include a capacity up to 3,100 spectators.

Let’s chat about it – Scheduled Town Hall Meetings

You’re invited to attend 1 or more of our Town Hall meetings. These Q&A sessions will offer opportunities to ask questions hear more about the planned development and funding options. Be well informed ahead of the December 14th deadline to vote. NOTE: all meeting dates and locations are tentative and subject to change. Please check back here closer to the date to confirm details before arriving.

November 15th

Harmon Park Activity Center

November 29th

Harmon Park Activity Center

How To Vote: Mail-in Ballot!

All Kearney residents will receive a ballot by mail around November 23rd or shortly after. Please mark YES on the ballot and return it to the Election Office on or before December 14th. Your vote will help extend the 1% Restaurant Occupation Tax (the same one used to help pay for Patriot Park). Learn more about funding the project here.

Funding Information

Learn more about the plan to pay for the construction and operations

Kearney Indoor Sports Complex

Got additional questions or comments? This website and other communication pieces are created and distributed by a local group of supporters of this development project. We welcome any and all feedback as we promote a ‘YES’ vote on December 14th.